Facts & How

Why is this study important and what real business value does it have?

“47% of consumers expect a web page to load
in 2 seconds or less”

Neil Patel

“…40% of users will bounce out of a page if it
takes longer than 3 seconds to load.”


The worst way to improve page speed along with why

Experienced WordPress developers build WordPress websites that load quickly in the first instance (the first time around) because it is counter productive to:

  1. Build a standard asset heavy WordPress website
  2. Bolt-on multiple speed enhancement plugins to make it run faster (CDN plugin, minify css plugin, page cache plugin…)
  3. Optimise the theme code

The best way to improve page speed

Every fast WordPress website built the right way has a dependency on a solid theme framework.

Experienced WordPress developers build child themes on lightweight and flexible frameworks because they load the bare minimum of optimised assets (.js, .css) to start with. This workflow strategy ensures¬†additional “added features” can be added if necessary and the WordPress child theme is naturally light and fast to start with!¬†The downside is: novice developers or first time WordPress website builders find this challenging. Knowing how to enqueue scripts and build using SFTP and PHP is a technical skillset and can be daunting and troublesome for first timers. I think this is why so many site owners refer to the other method of WordPress website speed optimisaiton and it’s usually not by choice.

The good news is, the WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint is formulated using the best way to improve website page speed.

Why do I need a very fast WordPress website that loads in 0.157s?

There are two significant commercial advantages to owning a fast WordPress website:

  1. Google ranks fast loading websites better than slower loading websites (better for SEO – Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Website visitors can engage with content quicker (better for UX – User Experience)

Combining these two factors improves the probability of an internet sale or profitable website enquiry for WordPress website owners.