Podcast #6: SSL is better for SERPs and provide safer visitor experiences!

Play Podcast #6: SSL is better for SERPs and provide safer visitor experiences!

I purchased and activated my SSL certificate from within my WpEngine hosting account.

You can read about the SEO advantages of serving pages on https:// on my blog.

With the recent Chrome browser alerts for website’s that don’t have an SSL certificate coming into play – I certainly didn’t want to disrupt my website visitor experience for anyone attempting to visit my website.

So – I didn’t think twice about setting up https:// URLs on my website.

Setting up SSL was relatively straight forward. I followed a 3 step process – which is listed on my blog. It’s important that you secure all URLs when you install an SSL certificate not just a few. The final part of the setup included me reaching out to WpEngine technical support via live chat to change my website permalinks to the https versions. Just so you know – there are lots of database plugins to do this, but WpEngine tech support will perform this task for you – if you ask them nicely!

With my SSL certificate active – I had nearly finished my WordPress Speed Optimisation Blueprint steps.

By Ben

Ben is the author of the WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint. The standard for making WordPress website pages load quickly. Steps to follow are on his blog. Completing the blueprint made load in 0.133 seconds on Pingdom from London in July 2018.

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