Prodcast #9: Version 2.0 is faster, cheaper and easier – The WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint Version 2.0

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Version 2.0 of The WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint – 133ms WordPress Page Speed Guide (0.133 second WordPress page loading)

My name is Ben Llewellyn (bio) I am the maker of one of the fastest WordPress websites in the world. In my first blueprint I shared alot of information about my strategy and method on my blog. My second version of the blueprint is faster, cheaper and quicker (it’s much better). Following the steps in Version 2.0 will help you to build a faster WordPress website.

December 2018 saw the release of WordPress version 5.0, Gutenberg page editor (bundled with WP 5.0) and the Twenty Nineteen theme was released.

My goal for Version 2.0 was to revise the first version of my blue print and to make it easier, faster and cheaper for developers and non developers to make a super high speed WordPress website.

I took all the code from Version 1.0 and converted it into a plugin that could be installed into any self hosted WordPress website. The plugin has an options page which enables website owners to turn speed enhancing features on and off. The plugin options page enables webmasters to fully control and manage their own WordPress performance within their WP dashboard. The disadvantage of turning default features off in WordPress may result in sooner or later required functionality fo site features or site plugins may be omitted. So having the ability to turn features on and off grants WordPress website owners the power to control their own website. This future proofs future developments.

The big different between Version 2.0 compared to Version 1.0 is not only the new plugin but we used the Twenty Nineteen theme.

Believe it or not the new Twenty Nineteen Theme was released whilst we were developing the WordPress speed plugin, I inspected the code and knew the theme would run faster – as it turned out it did!

The outcome of Version 2.0 Blueprint made my WordPress website load in 133 milli seconds which is 24 milli seconds faster than Version 1.0. We recorded 100/100 on mobile and desktop Google PageSpeed Insights and received amazing page speed scores on page speed testing tools.

The best thing about Version 2.0 of The WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blue is: webmasters only have to do 5 things to their WordPress website to get similar page speed results:

  1. Host with WpEngine – fast and secure WordPress website hosting
  2. Setup DNS with DNSMadeEasy – premium dns / fast look up times
  3. Install my free plugin (tick all the options and don’t set a favicon URL) – Free
  4. Activate the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme – Free
  5. Don’t install any other plugins

Version 2.0 gave me a big speed performance boost and it’s much easier to replicate the same results without doing anything technical like coding or using web development tools.

I’m already thinking of methods to breach the 100ms WordPress page load time barrier. Although, humans can’t interpret hundreds of milliseconds. So we’ll see how close we get to beating one hundred milli seconds in Version 3.0.

The plugin is already updated and compatible with the latest WP 5.0.2, latest Gutengerg page editor and runs perfectly with the latest release of the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme.

If you’re looking to build a super fast WordPress website and you want to do it yourself, following my WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint V2 will get you a speed gain and make your WordPress pages load quicker for your website vistitors. This has lots of UX and SEO advantages and best of all the information is free on my blog!

That’s it, Thanks for reading/listening.

By Ben

Ben is the author of the WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint. The standard for making WordPress website pages load quickly. Steps to follow are on his blog. Completing the blueprint made load in 0.133 seconds on Pingdom from London in July 2018.

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