Podcast #7: The Grand Finale

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I logged into my WpEngine account and carried out a few basic steps in prepharation for the final speed measurement test:

Step 1. I turned on my CDN

A CDN is a content delivery network. A CDN serves content such as videos, images and other static files to visitors around the world from a server that is closest to their geographic location. This speeds up the content download speed for website visitors Worldwide. It makes web pages load faster for them, where ever they are in the World.

Step 2. I turned on object caching

Object caching enables websites to retrieve data without performing a new database lookup each time a previous data set is requested. Recalling data from temporary memory instead of double checking it generates a speed saving.

Step 3. I cleared my cache

I did this to ensure that when my website launched, the correct .css and .js files would be served to my website visitors.

Step 4. I checked my CDN was active

To verify my CDN was active I visited my website WP Speed Up I refreshed the page then I right clicked on the page and clicked “View Source”. Another tab opened which had a series of long numbers and letters in the href tag.

I’ve included a screen grab on my tutorial article to explain this.

We were all set for the next and final WordPress website speed test.