Podcast #5: WordPress theme building with speed and performance in mind

Play Podcast #5: WordPress theme building with speed and performance in mind

So far I’d generated a total micro speed gain of 0.226 seconds following the WordPress Speed Up Optimisation Blueprint.

12 years working as a WordPress developer had helped me gain valuable insight on the right things to do to make a WordPress theme load quickly and the wrong things to do to make a WordPress website load quickly!

From the developers perspective: the most efficient method to make a WordPress website theme run as fast as possible is to start with a sound foundation. With a strong, stable and lightweight foundation – any website will run fast.

The least efficient method to optimise a WordPress website speed is to: download a premium theme, and then start to eliminate the assets largely because of 2 reasons:

1. How can I be sure what I eliminate wont stop my theme and website from working?

2. Instead of turning lots of things off, why aren’t I just turning necessary things on?

Now, I appreciate not everyone knows how to build WordPress themes and even if you’re a php developer – the WordPress API requires you to use functions specific to WordPress and call the functions in certain way using PHP. Therefore, good developers need to understand PHP and the WordPress API in order to build speed enhanced WordPress themes.

The good news is I’ve done all the hard work for you and built a customised lightweight WordPress theme. If you want to use my theme, you will need to purchase a site license to use the Genesis Framework parent theme. The link is on my blog and the Speed Up Genesis Child Theme is available to download on my blog.

The speed optimised WordPress website is currently running on the wpspeedupoptimised dot com website. So you can run your own speed tests on it if you wish.
You can read about the special steps I’ve followed to optimise my child theme on the blog article.